In the frame of the campaign gorleben365, Anti Atom Berlin organized a summer festival with blocking actions at the exploration mine Gorleben in Lower Saxony. From June 16th to 17th, 2012 activists hindered the security personnel to enter or leave the mine by blocking the all gates.

Unfortunately, the weather was not truly on our side at this summer festival. However we still had great fun, good conversations and exchanged many good ideas, and we were happy to offer enough good food for everyone.

Anti Atom Berlin Sommerfest

Of course, it was one of our main aims to clearly demonstrate our solidarity with the anti nuclear movement in the Wendland. Also in the future, we will support any kind of actions that take place within the frame of gorleben365 campaign, and following actions against the exploration mine Gorleben too.

The exploration mine Gorleben can be seen as a symbol that shows how irresponsible the nuclear power lobby deals with the problem of not having any profound concept for nuclear waste. Daily, nuclear waste is produced although there is no and will never be a secure final nuclear storage site. Sites as the Asse (Lower Saxony) show how criminal and inconsequent the nuclear power lobby is handling this problem and that the issue has got out of their hands because radioactive material is leaking out and cannot be retrieved. No nuclear waste may any longer be transported to Gorleben, also because this decision was based on political and not geological-scientific motives in the past!

Stop further transports to Gorleben, close down Gorleben, immediately and forever!

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