Anti Atom Berlin is a group of activists in Berlin which is against the civil and military use of nuclear power. Our demand is the immediate abandonment of nuclear power, worldwide. We trust in the efficiency of an energy policy that builds on regenerative and decentralized energy sources, and therefore is more in citizens´ hands.

Short after the coalition negotiations in Berlin, Anti Atom Berlin established in October 2009. Anti Atom Berlin represents a network of activists which is open to each individual who is interested in the immediate stop of nuclear power- so, who aims for a fairer and more citizenowned energy policy.

Our activities are mainly performed in Berlin and adjacent regions. We are active in different ways- reaching from information tables over flash mobs to demonstrations, in example. Hereby, our aim is to raise the awareness of individuals and make them sensible for the topic. We also attend in actions which are directly addressed to politicians, decision makers and the general public. We network with political groups from Germany and abroad. Nuclear power is a global issue: German Hermes sureties for the nuclear power plant Angra 3 in Brasilia, multinational contracts concerning EURATOM, and the unscrupulous business with uranium mining and international transports. However, we do not tolerate and will never support neofascistic or politically right winged organizations which abuse the anti nuclear power movement for their propaganda. No inch of space for fascist or racist ideas.

Each individual from Anti Atom Berlin is a voluntary worker and also do we work independent of political parties, institutions or financial donors. Our actions are supported through free donations. Actions from Anti Atom Berlin are absolute violence free. We meet regularly to initiate and plan diverse upcoming actions. If you are interested in a general newsletter which comprises actions from the anti nuclear power movement in Berlin and nearby, then send us an email to antiatomberlinsubscribe[ ät] Of course you are welcome to join us- current dates of our meetings can be found on our homepage

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