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Feier zur Ächtung der Atomwaffen
Freitag, 22. Januar 2021, 08:00 - 22:00

Bitte den Tag vormerken und neueste Infos abrufen bei ICAN

am 24. Oktober New Yorker Zeit, hat Honduras als 50. Staat den UN-Vertrag zum Verbot von Atomwaffen ratifiziert. Kurz zuvor sind Jamaica und die Republik Nauru beigetreten. Damit wird das Inkrafttreten des UN-Atomwaffenverbots binnen 90 Tagen augelöst.
Für die Mitwirkung an dem Vertrag wurde ICAN 2017 mit dem Friedensnobelpreis ausgezeichnet.

Hi Friend --

Did you think we'd slow down when we reached 50 ratifications of the Treaty on the Prohibitions of Nuclear Weapons? No chance – here's what just happened this last week:

  • On 4th December, Zimbabwe signed the Treaty
  • On 9th December, Niger signed the Treaty
  • And just a few minutes ago, Benin ratified the Treaty!! 

This means that we have now 86 signatures and 51 ratifications of the TPNW and the momentum for the treaty is growing as we are preparing for it to become international law on 22 January 2021.

Right now, we are planning to make sure that this historic day doesn't get unnoticed. Thanks to our generous donors that contributed funds to our work in 2020, we have been able to set up a fund to provide financial support local partner organisations that will organise events and actions to mark this occasion. Through our supporters, we will be exciting activities in Germany, Japan, Australia, Argentina, United Kingdom, Norway, United States, Burundi, and many more.

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